{Meet the Locals} Abe's Market: When Good Came to Town

Monday, November 19, 2012

Eco Boutique {Chicago-Style}
Today we're bringing you the best in all things green + local. Alright, fellow greenies, if you want good-for-you products anytime of the day or night, with free shipping*, behold Abe's Market, a well-edited online shop full of eco-friendly goodies.

The folks at Abe's Market have been busy gathering scads of nuts + berries; by this I mean they're filled to the brim with some charming, natural products. Not to mention, the beguiling brown bear pushing a pint-sized supermarket cart makes for a winsome, winning logo.

Co-founders Jon Polin and Richard Demb, Chicago entrepreneurs, launched Abe's Market in 2009 to provide a platform for up-and-coming natural brands and well-established eco brands alike. And they offer something extra: the sellers' stories. 

Now, you know I love a good story, and Abe's shares the origins of each brand for the consumer, so you can expect a bevvy of brilliant stories in addition to healthy products.  
People want to buy from other people,” Mr. Demb said. “There are very few opportunities to meet the people who make your products. We look at Abe’s Market as a limitless farmers’ market.

You may bump into familiar eco brands like Scotch Natural Nail Polishes, and you'll also meet new faces like PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics. In addition to healthy cosmetic and toxin-free makeup choices, there's an expansive selection for Home, Health, Bath + Body, Food and Pets. This is a great go-to site to create a clean, green environment for you and your loved ones. 

And if that's not reason enough to take a gander, then their current $1,000 shopping spree contest and *free shipping from now until the end of the year should peak your interest. {By the way, people do win these contests. I'll tell you all about the car my friend won, oh and the trip for four, the gym membership, umm the list goes on. I'm on to something here: maybe she's the one winning ALL the contests.}
                                 {photomontage by f+d} images via abes market

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