{Fair Trade Tuesday} Holiday Hits at GreenHeart Shop

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Eco Boutique {Chicago-Style}
If I'm going to shop, I want the Motts. By this, I mean the good stuff.

I was out with a friend recently and we were talking green when she mentioned that she'd shopped for all of her holiday gifts last year at Greenheart Shop in Wicker Park. One-stop eco shopping? Pray tell, mon ami!

Here, ladies and gents, is a place where you can get your green groove on {I love their selection of gifts: they're sure to be a holiday hit with the young folk and mature audiences alike}. 

Greenheart Shop is Chicago’s only nonprofit eco-friendly, fair trade store. Greenheart houses an amazing collection of recycled, cruelty-free, and ethical products. Think seriously cool gifts for:
  • the crafter in your life {GH actually provides bits of extra goodness with added info: Made by artisan Mukesh in India. Thank you gh and thank you, Mukesh!}
  • the Vogue-obsessed fashion maven {I'm crazy about this simple, yet bold cuff from the oh-so-affordable Chicago-based line Mata Traders.}
  • the beauty product enthusiast {All-natural conditioner, right this way ladies. Why say no to shiny hair? Years ago, a friend sent me a gift card to Walgreens for the holidays. A happier gal, you could not find. Hey, Holly had Tiffany's, and I had rows and rows of bath and body products. More on that later.}
  • the wee tots {Lovin' the pic of the happy artisan making his fine wares. Shouldn't every boy and girl have a wooden train set?} 
  • the friend with the cool pad who has it all {If you like Anthropologie, you'll love greenheart's guilt-free array of rustic, elegant pieces for hearth and home.}
Greenheart sources products that are fair to producers and good to the earth via support of local, social enterprises and global fair trade partnerships.
"What if you could change the world by shopping? Greenheart believes consumers have the power to affect positive world change by supporting sustainable and fair business practices in their purchasing choices."
If you're like me and you need to touch it with your little paws or you have to try it on before you buy it, then visit their quaint shop in Chicago. Have you become one with your couch and can't seem to leave the warmth of your abode? Shop online!

{photomontage by f+d} images via greenheartshop.org

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