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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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So, no formal introduction is necessary for this week's eco blogger, Alicia Silverstone, however, I'd like to be sure you know about all the eco style tips available via her blog. On my daily morning tour of favorite eco fashion blogs, Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Life is always one of my first stops. 

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A little history first. The Kind Diet is the actress and activist’s bestselling first book, published in 2009. In it she extols the plant-based diet as a nutritious and delicious way to eat, lose weight, clear your skin and get loads of extra energy; all this by forgoing meat and dairy.

Alicia offers a candid account of a decision to become a vegetarian, falling off the veggie wagon, dusting herself off and getting right back on, until the evolution to veganism, and then finally a macrobiotic diet. {I promise you, we’re getting to the fashion part soon, bear with me for a moment!}

I hadn’t expected to like this book so much, while I am a vegetarian, I've simply set off one too many fire alarms in all too many kitchens; but this book really is so much more. It has the same flavor as an extended note your best gal friend might compose; it’s honest, straightforward and thoughtful {it's also funny in unexpected places}.

Enter Alicia’s eco blog The Kind Life, described as a community around The Kind Diet where friends, doctors, experts in green living, and members {that’s me!} share vegan tips {and now we’re at my favorite part, where we talk eco fashion}.

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There are so many reasons to like Alicia’s site. She is an unassuming host who likes to use the word groovy a lot, her energy is palpable when she has exciting news to share {The Greatest Shoes Ever!! she'll practically shout at you}, and this year she has added a Kind Fashion Series to her site! 

You can pipe in when you want to share a brand, boutique, or blog via the What to Wear posts. You can get a little inspiration from edited selections of Favorites {always eco-friendly and vegan}, oh and let’s not forget the Raid My Closet Giveaways {free stuff? Yes, thank you!}. 

Kind style is always in fashion, so check out The Kind Life for must-have vegan apparel, cruelty-free shoes and good-for-you beauty products {whether you're a lifelong greenie or you're just starting out, I highly recommend greening your beauty routine with Alicia's new organic + made in the USA skin care + cosmetic line from Juice Beauty. I am in love with the charming, earth-friendly paper casings used for the organic pressed powder + the paper tubing used for the facial highlighter + lip color, all adorned with charming pink pompons}.

 {photomontage by f+d} images via thekindlife.com

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