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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Suzette Munson is the spirited entrepreneur behind Love 41: a socially responsible fashion brand that pushes creative boundaries; where bullets once used in wartime metamorphose into delicate earrings and handbags activate change for orphans in Africa.

Fashion can be a powerful force for change in the world, and here's how it's done. Marry great design with a humanitarian cause, and pour unending passion, fortitude, and faith into the mix. Now you have a great brand. Oh, if you happen to have a bold blond whose unstoppable, now you've got success. 

Sometimes, you find inspiration in surprising places. Suzette's Munson's life was forever altered after a trip to Rwanda. Upon her return, Suzette carried with her indelible memories and a changed heart. Deeply affected by the number of homeless children she saw on the streets as well as the visible toll of the 1994 genocide on families, especially women, Suzette was sure of her desire to effect positive social and economic change.
"I really had to find what I was interested in. I love travel, people, and culture. I also have a passion for handmade goods.The real key for people here is simply to be honest with yourself and what you’re good at and what you’re not."
And so Love 41 was born of compassion, a commitment to ease suffering, and genuine love. 

With 100% of proceeds benefiting orphaned children, women in need, and survivors of the genocide, Love 41 is a jewelry and handbag line that offers hope in every trinket and promise in every trapping. 

So, get thee to the online shop! A glimpse of what awaits: cool, statement-making purses {think Free People, only super authentico, amigos and amigas}, edgy cross body bags that add character and style to any ensemble {you may find yourself planning your entire outfit around these pieces} and a bucket bag that oozes Pamela-Love-cool {a little bit hippie, a little bit grunge, a whole lotta fun going on}.

The jewelry pieces are feminine and polished. Their silver and brass necklaces beg to be layered over a slouchy white tee or with your favorite blazer. And I love layering they're wooden bangles with my vintage finds for a muy bueno look. As a friend said recently, "A woman can never have enough wooden bangles."

And the world can never have enough Suzette Munsons.

{photomontage by f+d} images via love41.com

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