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Friday, January 25, 2013

1. Life Stinks Deodorant is for all of us stinkers who are looking for a toxin-free antiperspirant. I'm a creature of habit, so I've gotten used to the whole roll-and-go deodorant bars. But I was ready to switch over to the sprinkle-and-rub side. As in, if I have to rub it on with my hands each morning to avoid the toxins, you better believe I'm in. Well, friends, when I remembered to sprinkle, all was well. But some days, when in a hurry, I may have forgotten {or I may have erroneously surmised I could survive just one day without}. Oh, so wrong. Eventually I fell into the habit of sprinkling and rubbing each morning, and all is well that ends well. Bonus points for being non-staining: I didn't even know this was an option! Lovin' the story + the spirit of these funny, young ladies. Go get 'em Duggan Sisters

2. Acure Organics Dry Shampoo has been instrumental in my journey to healthier hair. Since washing every day leaves my locks lackluster + dry, I decided to wash less + give this product a go. I'd never tried a dry shampoo prior, and I didn't know what to expect. What I got was volume instead of limp locks + shine instead of an oily do. After discovering this wonder product, I can't believe I managed to go without for so long. It's a fair trade, organic company that's made in the USA. You can find it at your local Whole Foods or you can order it online with a click. It's affordable, it's convenient, it's time to try it. Remember to toss your tresses upside down, then sprinkle on lightly + rub into your scalp for best results.

3. Preserve is a company that truly stands out as a leader in the eco-friendly product industry. If I was founder Eric Hudson's mom, I'd be proud. All of Preserve's plastic products are made from recycled materials including yogurt cups + takeout containers {that pesky #5 plastic that usually ends up in a landfill because most towns don't recycle it has found new life at Preserve}. Each product is also recyclable through their postage-paid labels + mailers {making it easy as pie to send back those toothbrushes + razor handles once they've lived a full life}. So after making your teeth shiny and bright or your legs smooth and sleek, Preserve takes their products right on back so they can be transformed into something new + useful, like children's plastic lumber for playgrounds. Mr. Hudson is like the Mother Therese of plastic. Check out the difference this company's manufacturing practices are making. Mr. Hudson, you really are an everyday hero.

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