A Few Fun, Eco Beauty Picks: All Under $10

Friday, January 11, 2013

I present to you this week's eco beauty products, all under $10. Get 'em while they're hot!

1. Smile Squared Toothbrush {I often wonder about all those toothbrushes piled high in a landfill. That just won't do at all. The folks at Smile Squared ask you and me to rethink buying by switching to this sustainable, biodegradable toothbrush which is helping to put smiles on the faces of so many little ones. From our friends at Smile Squared: During a humanitarian trip to Central America, the founders of Smile Squared saw that kids across the globe lack the necessary dental hygiene to maintain quality health and self-esteem. In hopes of giving every child the opportunity for clean, healthy teeth, Smile Squared was born. Count me in!}

2. Acure Organics Leave-in Conditioner {Everyone should know about this good-for-the-planet brand. Really. It's affordable, fair trade, it smells like nature just smooched your hair, and of the products I've tried thus far, they all really work. This little gem of a product perplexed me. I've been wanting my hair to do certain things that until now I'd deemed impossible. I usually look like Brave's Princess Merida after my morning shower with my untameable tresses. A fairly substantial amount of time goes into vanquishing my locks. No longer so. I just spray while my hair is still damp, and there you have it! Now I look presentable. Downright respectable, I tell ya. Word to the wise: a little goes a long way. Looking forward to trying the lotions next.}

3. Physician's Formula Organic Mascara {I laugh a lot. And when I laugh a full-bellied laugh, I squeeze my eyes shut - which is why I can't drive and laugh at the same time. But here's my point. If I laugh even once during the day, I'm guaranteed to be wearing my mascara as thick orbits round my peepers. A la Ozzy Osbourne. Is that his real name? Sorry, I digress. So I know exactly what I'm looking for in my mascara. Long-lasting, no-smudge goodness. And this is exactly what I found in my new favorite mascara from Physician's Formula. Under $10 and you can find it at your local Target. Muy bueno!}

{photomontage by f+d}

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