{Crazy, Green Love} Let Me Tell Ya Bout the Birds + the Bees

Friday, January 25, 2013

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My favorite day of the year is quickly approaching. Valentine's Day is just an excuse for me to shower the people in my life with love and chocolate. {I don't really need an excuse, but I'll take it if you're going to hurl it at me anyways.}

If you plan on embarking on the Love Boat for a little romantic time with your sweetheart, then don't forget the fair trade, organic bedroom accoutrements that make playtime safe in more ways than one. 

Did you know most of the personal lubricants in the U.S. {drugstores sold $82 million worth of them last year} contain chemicals found in oven cleaner, brake fluid and antifreeze? You can go green between the sheets with natural + phthalate-free get-it-on goodies {there's even a little instruction manual if you need a little push}.

Okay, truth be told, Valentine's Day is an excuse for me to eat more chocolate. So let's start there. Our friends at Theo Chocolate {my personal fave is their Jane Goodall bar} tell us that eating chocolate can change lives; in which case, there's no time like the present time to start making a difference and to do so by way of some sweet treats. 

I also don't need a reason to prance around in pretty underpinnings. Any day is a good day for sweet + sexy skivvies like the lovely lingerie by sustainable fashion label Stella McCartney, and don't forget the eco-friendly party hats {via French Letter and Sir Richards}.  

If you're flying solo, don't fret. I say, play your favorite tunes, wear the chemise + treat yourself to some chocolate {remember to love the one you're with - that's you!}.

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