{Eco Blogger of the Week} Meet Sadie

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This week's eco blogger takes us across the pond to the City of Light. There abides a young, English lass whose blog Sadie's Wardrobe is laden with bright, bold images depicting her distinct + ethical style. 

Like yours truly, there's nothing she loves more than spending a Saturday afternoon treasure hunting at thrift shops and charity boutiques for vintage pieces and retro finds. She has a keen affection for all things retro, and she reimagines colorful + quirky pieces with a thoroughly modern twist. 

Sadie's blog {and her closet} took a turn for the eco after reading Lucy Siegle's To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World? {in the same manner Safia Minney's Naked Fashion changed my shopping habits}. And while Sadie acknowledges feeling a sense of responsibility with every purchase she makes, her writing style is nonpompous and always positive

"It’s really hard trying to be an ethical blogger: everything you buy is scrutinised....My view is that you have to start somewhere. I’m not going to be perfect, but I hope to spread the word a little bit without being preachy."
The virtue of Sadie's blog is her refreshing honesty; there's also her lovely sense of humor and her brevity {plus oodles of crisp snapshots taken by Sadie}. If, like me, great photography inspires you, then take a peek at her blog {pretty pics abound, from food to fashion}. She brings to life textures and physical details via her vivid images.

She's also easy to relate to and doesn't try to hide her vices: "I've restricted myself to one biscuit a day but that doesn't stop me utilising my sneaky chocolate supply from time to time." She then includes a proper picture of the very empty gold foiled wrapper as evidence. Hmm, this looks and sounds very familiar.  

Sadie has been contributing to the fashion blogosphere for three years, and most recently Oxfam's Fashion Blog. You can live vicariously through her as the resourceful eco-fashionista gallivants around the lovely city of gay Pari', as she recently relocated from London for a year. La vie est belle!

{photomontage by f+d} images via sadie's wardrobe


  1. you summed her up perfectly, i've been a loooong time fan and i've always loved her, thanks for this, she deserves it!
    thanks too sadie and her wardrobe