{Around the Globe} Lemlem: In Full Bloom

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This week's global brand takes us to East Africa. Ethiopia is a country of great beauty + geographic diversity with soaring mountains, high plateaus, deep gorges and river valleys. This lush, verdant land is also the birthplace of supermodel + actress Liya Kebede. 

Liya Kebede is a woman who seems to see only solutions, where others might see a challenge. A mother and International Goodwill Ambassador for World Health Organization's Maternal, Newborn + Child Health, she is also the founder of Lemlem, a sustainable clothing line featuring hand-spun, woven, and embroidered apparel + accessories.

Liya launched Lemlem {which means to flourish in Amharic} as a way to address poverty and the dearth of employment opportunities in her homeland, while preserving the ancient art of Ethiopian weaving. Lemlem provides jobs to skilled artisans who use traditional weaving methods to craft breezy cotton scarves, delicate women's garments and charming children's dresses, all with a brilliant + unexpected touch of neon.

Each piece is made of natural cotton and reflects the rich cultural + artistic heritage via vibrant hues and earth tones that mirror the arresting beauty that spills forth from Africa's landscape.

Liya's passion + desire to use her success as a means to benefit the lives of people in need is just another reason to admire her fortitude + tenacity {and grounds to add a little airy delight with a pop of color to your wardrobe}. 

Years ago, Anna Wintour said of Liya, "She's going to be a serious role model for many women." And that she is. 

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{photomontage by f+d} images via lem lem

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