{Eco Office Pick} Time to Commit

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I had to share this cheery, good-for-the-planet pen from New York-based design company Seltzer. I found this little treasure at one of my favorite local, indie book shops. It comes fully equipped with a jumbo ink supply and promises a lifespan of seven {count 'em!} years. 

It's a long-term commitment {think of it as pen monogamy} and well worth it considering this eco-friendly product reduces waste and ensures that the earth remains a nice place to live. Now, when I'm not pecking away at the keyboard, I'm usually holding a dusty, old book + taking notes {copious notes}, writing thank you cards, or making to-do lists: so I'm planning on putting this little writing utensil to the test. 

Alright now, conscious consumers, scoot right on over to Seltzer Goods. There's no time like the present to green your home, school + office routine.

{photo by f+d}

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