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Monday, February 25, 2013

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Indego Africa is one of my favorite ethical fashion brands. Indego Africa works with talented female artisans in Africa to bring their handmade, color-splashed products to you and me, and 100% of profits fund literacy + employment training programs for the women.
"Indego Africa provides opportunities for women in difficult circumstances to not only meet their families’ basic needs, but also acquire skills that enhance long-term earning potential." 
Indego Africa's mission is to help each artisan cooperative achieve the following: 
{Women generate sustainable income} 
Women consistently earn more than $2 per day through their own initiative and oversee households that are entirely free of hunger, inadequate housing, and school absenteeism.

{Women leverage vaulable long-term skills}
Women deploy new high-value skills to earn supplemental income in their own community – whether at a cooperative, another employer, or their own business.

{Women run profitable export business}
Women manage cooperatives that are fiscally responsible, effective in product design and delivery, and dynamic contributors to the community – all while engaging the global export market on their own terms.

{Women feeling hopeful + confident}
Women translate their experiences of financial success and increased productivity into a lasting sense of self-worth and pride, knowing that anything can be accomplished by working together with others and relying on their own strength.

With their proven track record of job creation + sustainable economic growth in artisan producer communities, it's no wonder IA is being noticed by fashion-savvy women everywhere. I have this wrap bracelet, and every time I wear it, I'm asked about it. Pop one on, then watch as the magic happens.

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