{Around the Globe} Osei Duro Is Making Magic

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I could hardly wait to bring you this week's ethical fashion brand Osei Duro, a sustainable fashion label that produces all of its garments in Ghana with the help of local artisans. 

Vancouver natives Maryanne Mathias and Molly Keogh, the two designers behind Osei Duro, first met in the late 90s during high school, when bangs reached epic heights + acid washed jeans were all the rage. Maryanne would go on to journey round the world where she eventually fell in love. The object of her affection was Ghana. 

After a spirited high school reunion, Maryanne convinced Molly to experience Ghana for herself: the vivid pink sunsets, the nightly nocturnal debut of bats and the strength + dignity of the Ghanian people - not to mention their quotidian habit of remarkable, multi-hued dress. 

In 2009, Molly + Maryanne finally traveled to Ghana together; this would be the year their adventure began. 

What was thought to be a one-time trip became Osei Duro, a line of socially responsible + sustainable clothing marrying West African textiles to Western clothing design. The beautiful + comfort-conscious clothing is hand dyed + made of natural, hand-spun cotton. You'll see no references to the 80's in their designs: no frenetic prints or overdoses of hypercolor. Instead, sweet + soft florals abound, artful, abstract prints flourish + quirky color combos come to life with each new season.

From our friends at One of a Kind: 
Rekindled pals turned a 2009 trip into an ethical clothing line, choosing a name from the Ghanaian classifieds—Osei means esteemed / honorable and Duro means medicine / magic. The whole line is produced in Ghana by local garment workers and artisans, who are known for their expertise in manipulating texture and color. The Osei-Duro gals divide their time between Ghana and North America. 

This successful eco-fashion company is thriving under the leadership of two savvy business women working each day to encourage international + intercultural cooperation. Lofty goals, indeed. It seems anything these two women set their mind to, they will accomplish. How's that for a pocketful of magic?

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