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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Good Socks: Part III

Zkano is a line of comfy, cozy American-made, organic socks. Organic farming means chemical-free production: no fertilizer, no pesticides + no genetic modification.

Did you know conventional growth of cotton uses more insecticide than any other major crop? Exposure to these chemicals can be directly linked to birth defects, immune system break down and a corruption of our water supply.

From our friends at Zkano:
"Organically farmed cotton provides a safer work environment for growers. Environmental impact is substantially less. Products are easier on your skin. To sum it up, buying organic lets you be good and feel good. That just so happens to be the stance that brought Zkano to life."
Gina is the fervent founder of Zkano; Gina's father is Alabama's sock sultan who started his own sock company twenty years ago. After outsourcing depleted the textile industry, Gina had an epiphany in which she knew it was possible to combine her desires of continuing her family's sock-making business, while supporting a sustainable lifestyle + creating jobs in Alabama {formerly known as the sock capital of the world!}. 

And if that's that's not reason enough to go Zkano ka-razy, here's one more reason: you know those old, hole-riddled socks lying around our homes, the one's you just can't bring yourself to donate - but where do you put these sad fellows to rest? You can send them right on over to Zkano where they'll be lovingly recycled

Now there's a happy hosiery ending.

{photomontage by f+d} images via zkano

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