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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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I recently moved, and until the furniture + boxes arrive, the first few days in the new home are akin to a very sober + spartan camping trip {sleeping on the floor + using just one utensil for every meal - did you ever eat spaghetti with a spoon?}. But I carried my favorite candles + can't-live-without books at my side, in my handbag. 

Books + candles: a girl just can't have enough.  

1 + 4. Tatine Candles Tatine is a small artisanal candle studio in Chicago, where each taper and candle is handcrafted by passionate entrepreneur Margo Breznik. Margo uses soy wax, beeswax and natural fragrances with 100% cotton wicks to yield her romantic + unrivaled products. Her packaging is made of kraft stock, sourced from renewable hydro electric energy + letterpress printed with vegetable inks. {BTW, Margo's fave Beatle is also George Harrison. Now, there's a gal who knows her music!} 

2. Katherine Anne Confections Katherine Ann Duncan, Chicago's Dame of Delicacies, has been focusing on local and organic ingredients to create sweet treats since 2006 {you'll never find corn syrup or artificial ingredients in these goodies}. From our friends at KAC: The hand-dipped truffles, soft honey caramels, and pillowy marshmallows are ridiculously good, partially due to the high-quality ingredients. Cream is from a 500-cow herd of Jerseys in central Illinois, and local wildflower honey is used to replace corn syrup. Let us all take a moment to try one of these confections, then let us take a moment to give thanks to Katherine for the deliciousness that she brings into our lives - especially on cold, snowy days like today in the Windy City.

3. Forget Me Knodt Being that I am not much of a romantic, I admit to asking for potted plants if the occasion calls for pretty petaled flowers. When pressed, I admit to a fondness for wild + exotic blossoms, nothing too precious. But along came Janessa + now all I can think about are beautiful, bold blooms. Janessa Knodt is a woman who could not be stopped. Some of us must paint, others dance, for Janessa, her heart simply wanted to create masterpieces using flowers as her medium. And that she does. I can't get enough of her website + facebook page, updated regularly with pics of gorgeous blooms that add color + cheer to my day. Check out her gallery of awesomeness here or her blog here. The world is a better place when people like Janessa follow their passion. Catch her at Dose Market in Chicago this weekend!

{photomontage by f+d} flower image courtesy of Chicago photography duo Joe + Liz of Coach House

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  1. I love love love how your so into organic, sustainable produce! one of my other passions, other than fashion, is organic, raw foods! x