{Eco Blogger of the Week} Meet Kate Bello

Friday, February 22, 2013


This week's eco blogger is Kate Bello of Bohemian Kate. A veritable salade of music, art, photography and homemade recipes for kitchen + bath, Kate's lifestyle blog is a virtual feast for the eyes, full of beautiful imagery.
Kate is the lucky gal who divides her time between the US and Mexico, where she works as a writer for a blog at a resort south of the border. Her readers are the lucky recipients of weekly, upbeat posts + original photography showcasing lush, verdant landscapes + scrumptious cuisine.

Kate shares images of furry animals who may need a home, travels near and far, as well as lots of pics of her kithcen escapades via what she's been cooking up lately {even those of us who shy away from the kitchen will be galvanized to try her nutritious + delicious cooking recipes at home}. 

She also offers a fountain of fun recipes for natural skincare {she's a bit of a mad scientist, concocting natural bath and body formulas for all of us gals + guys who want to look good and stay healthy}. 

When she's not offering up beauty recipes or cooking up healthy meals, she's composing pithy posts in a stream-of-consciousness fashion which feel a little like a peek into someone's diary.

This creative aesthete dips into music and art, sharing her original artwork {abstract paintings in sunny hues} along with songs that stir her soul. I love music recommendations because I think they're very telling; it's another way of sharing + expressing your distinct personality.

I always look forward to each new post for the poetry that exists in every photograph, the tantalizing dishes I'm inspired to cook up, and the diy skincare recipes that keep my creative juices flowing. For lots of positive vibes, visit Kate here

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