{That's Amore!} Eco Activities for Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Knowing how to be solitary is central to the art of loving." ~Bell Hooks
Valentine's Day has long been my favorite day of the year, despite the fact that I was single as a Pringle for most all of 'em. Hence, I've devised a list of très amusant, inexpensive eco activities for your merriment to enjoy solo, as a couple or with a group of pals {perhaps not no. 6}.

1. Send flowers. To your honey, your bf, or yourself, but not just any flowers, sustainable flowers - the kind that haven't been dipped in harmful fungicides. Clean, green flowers are a click away at Organic Bouquet. If you're planning an event or gettin' hitched, be sure to check out Pollen Floral Design in Chicago, where Ms. Lynn Fosbender has been using her green thumb in more ways than one to create stunning, eco-friendly centerpieces since 2009.

2. Plant an organic herb garden. Don't know how? Me either! But where there's a will to garden, there's a way. Mike Lieberman of Urban Organic Gardener did it, and so can you. Get some GMO-free seeds here. Remember to take baby steps! Start with robust {aka hard-to-kill} options like basil, dill + cilantro! Nothing says I love you like fresh, non-wilted basil.

3. Shop for vintage books. Possibly the best gift I ever received for V-Day was a first edition of a favorite read by beloved author Truman Capote. Wait, wait, it gets better! It was a signed copy. Scoot on over to your local indie + used bookstores for a treasure trove of books from dusty shelves brimming with strange + stupendous stories.

4. Try a new veggie recipe. I enjoy food + was born with a hearty appetite, however cooking is not my forte. So there's nothing I enjoy more than an invitation to a home-cooked meal. The Kind Life's Alicia Silverstone provides a slew of easy, nutritious + low-cal recipes on her site. Sarah Britton's site My New Roots is also chalk full of delicious recipes + great resources for healthy eating. Joshua Katcher's The Discerning Brute is another fantastic stop for vegan recipes. The pictures alone are mouthwatering. 

5. Stay in! Get in your comfiest pj's, invite Netflix over + pop some kernels. If you're solo, enjoy a little r+r. If you're with a friend, try this fun game: Pick the two most random people that leap into your head + insist your pal choose the one they'd have dinner with. Try it: Stevie Wonder or Prince? Think fast!

6. Take an organic bubble bath. Make time for a dip in the tub. You won't regret it. Take along some natural + organic bath products to create your own spa experience in your very home. Nubo Nau carries an array of bath + beauty products full of healthy ingredients that are good for your skin, your health + the planet. I'm crazy about Bubble + Bee organic salt cubes; I always feel more relaxed + tranquil after a soak. Ah, the power of suds + salts.

7. Indulge in handmade soaps. Gretta's Goat Milk Soaps is a line of handmade artisan soaps crafted on a restored prairie in a conservation community in Grayslake, Illinois. Gretta's soaps are free of artificial colors and synthetic fragrances. Using organic goat's milk from her family of frisky goats {you can meet the little rascals here} as the base for each bar, these soaps bring moisturizing nutrients to your skin + health benefits to your daily beauty routine.

8. Treat yourself to handcrafted baubles. If you've not heard of Rachel Pfeffer, head over to her charming site, full of novel rings, necklaces + earrings. The jewelry designer also has an amusing blog Cut, Paste, Repeat full of random thoughts + one of the sweetest, quirkiest videos starring Rachel herself. In it, she gets footloose {+ elbow loose} and shares her love of creating via an original song sung by her + accompanied by a ukelele. Need I say more? BTW, it is one catchy tune. All of Rachel's pieces have so much personality, it might be hard to decide, but with V-Day approaching, you may want to think about these hearts + these hearts here.

9. Order fair trade chocolate. Divine Chocolate is a forward-thinking, altruistic chocolate manufacturer, and this company is divine in more ways than one. From our friends at Divine Chocolate: Not only do the Kuapa Kokoo farmers’ receive a Fair Trade price for their cocoa, but they also own 45% of the company, and therefore have a direct influence over how the company is run and share in the profits from the chocolate. Owning Divine gives the farmers of the Kuapa Kokoo cooperative not just additional income, but also knowledge and power - the opportunity to grow and flourish is in their hands. Now, let's get some of that chocolate into our own hands.

{photomontage by f+d} bouquet image by Steve Ewert + Jamie Davis of greenhouse loft photography; mini garden in a pail via earth easy; dill seeds via seeds now; sweet heart necklace via amarilo; soaps via gretta's goats; radicchio pizza via the kind life

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