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Monday, March 18, 2013

Bluma Project is a Brooklyn, NY-based jewelry and accessories company which began with a passion for redefining hand-crafted design.  

Beth Schaeffer traveled to Rwanda and fell in love with the people and the multitude of visual stimulants within the milieu + the culture {including the spellbinding landscape + the wild fauna}.

She was compelled to start Bluma Project, a fashion-focused, socially conscious design company that works towards bringing a sustainable income and further expertise to women's groups in the area. The idea was a simple one: small actions can mean a lot, and women can support each other globally. 

Beth returned home to NYC to craft her designs, then traveled back to the African continent to introduce her new jewelry styles and collaborate with the women in Rwanda. The women that make the Bluma Project jewelry are steadily + significantly changing their lives through learning these skills. 

Today, members of the Bluma team travel to Africa to directly mentor women in advanced jewelry design. Each piece is hand crafted by women in Africa who are able to earn an income and support a family through their work.

In the last few years, Beth + her team have fostered strong relationships with women’s producer groups in Africa. Currently, Beth and the bluma project team mentor over forty women in Rwanda and Ghana in advanced design and manufacturing techniques, in addition to training and hiring designers locally in Brooklyn.   

The result is intricate, bold, beautiful jewelry; inspired by the great continent where the jewelry is made, but with a modern aesthetic that has a wide + far-reaching appeal. 

This bluma project necklace displays a collection of carved wooden beads, painted in muted earth tones. Bluma's flirty, colorful earrings feature gentle tassels cascading from angular painted wooden beads. Find these singular pieces here or here

artwork by f+d {images via bluma project}

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