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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

If you shower, you'll want to read today's post. 

Recently, at a friend's birthday party, the following question was asked: Do you remember when you first wore makeup? Many of the gals shared stories of sneaking out with concealed lipstick tubes or hidden eyeshadow cases to wear at school or to parties - at an age parents deemed too young.

Not I. My look was au naturel for two reasons. First, ChapStick was the extent of my makeup routine. That's a true story. It just never occurred to me to wear makeup. Second, once it occurred to me, I'd read a few PETA pamphlets that made me reconsider. 

Fast forward to modern times. If stranded on a remote island, I'd smoke signal out for some mascara. And perhaps a little gloss. Not actually, but you get the picture.

Enter Brandie Gilliam.

Ms. Gilliam understands that what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them, and she can tell you a thing or two about organic + natural beauty products. The Texas native is the founder of Organic Beauty Talk, and she's been exploring the world of eco-friendly, cruelty-free bath + beauty products for over a decade now. 

Brandie's judicious selection of personal care products provides guidance to healthy, nourishing products free of synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives and other toxins. She tests each item before endorsing + she has helpful lists of favorites on her site. 

She also has regular interviews with eco-industry heavyweights including Josie Maran + Greta Eagan. She invites other inspirational women to share their fave products via her Natural Beauty posts {which is how I've come to know and love many brands I now use daily}. And now, she's contributing to the new green magazine Lillie.

Week after week, Ms. Gilliam is proving that non-toxic beauty is better for both you and the environment with every eco-friendly product she introduces to women + men who want to look good + stay healthy {and who just may want to look great if stranded on an island}. 

Below, are a few of my favorite beauty products discovered at Brandie's blog.

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