{Eco Boutique} Lydali: Around the World with One Click

Sunday, March 31, 2013

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Having recently moved into a new home, I look around me and see a blank canvas. And what artist doesn't love a blank canvas? With lots of inky furniture and crisp, white walls, I have the perfect backdrop for bright, multi-hued accents.

This week's eco boutique Lydali offers an array of bold eco accessories and an extraordinary collection of ethical wares from distant + exotic locales {the kind I dream of traveling to!}.

Meet two bold + brazen entrepreneurs, Lydia Harter and Ali Price, who've put together their favorite products, creating a unique online retail shop boasting a mix of handmade + handsome wares.

From our friends at Lydali:
Lydia and Ali met near the end of their time at Wake Forest University, and they immediately found in each other kindred spirits. A few years after finishing school, Ali and Lydia both made their ways to San Francisco for different jobs.

When Ali returned from a trip to Indonesia in 2011 with a vision for an online store that sold beautiful one-of-a-kind goods and connected the customers with the artisans who made the products, she went straight to Lydia, who signed onto the idea immediately. 

Together, they have built a curated collection of high quality goods from all over the globe, and now, Lydali opens their doors for you to explore a new world of design.

Are you ready to take a little trip? You can visit Bali, Cambodia + Tanzania all in one afternoon by clicking your way through their collection of colorful and artful wares.


  1. such a lovely post - thank you!

  2. thank you! and thank you for the gorgeous selection!