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Thursday, April 4, 2013

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This week's eco boutique is abc carpet & home. When I first read about abc carpet & home, I was slightly confused. All I could think of was the television network, and I wondered if they were branching out to home furnishings and, curiously enough, to really rad, eco products as well. But sometimes, Moses supposes erroneously. 

Ahem, now I know better.

abc carpet & home is a mission-driven online boutique + socially responsible brick and mortar shop in new york that stocks beautiful cause-related products. The modern furniture + vintage accoutrements on every page of this site call to me; no, actually they sing to me. 

Above all, they've included icons that serve to identify opportunities to create home as your ecosystem, and to reflect a commitment to your values and to our planet. You'll know when a product is cruelty-free, handmade, organic and more because each product has been carefully labeled.

Wait, wait, there's more! If, like me, you love bath + beauty products, then welcome to a little slice of good, green heaven. Don't miss their well-edited apothecary with its wide array of natural products {linnea's candles, intelligent nutrients hair products, rms cosmetics, green + spring conditioner}.

The truth is, I am drawn to so many vastly different interior design styles that I've been stuck in neutral for a while. But, homes are very much like recipes: you make sure you have the main ingredients + you follow the instructions, but then you're free to experiment with the extras to create something uniquely your own. Settling into my new home has become an adventure of sorts as I gather special ingredients for my home + glean unexpected treasures from shops like abc. 

Check out their blog full of enlightening posts here + learn more about abc's foundation + the good deeds made possible by abc right over here

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