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Monday, April 29, 2013

 { the tote }

Farm Tactics is a small California-based company dedicated to designing and producing high-quality American-made clothing. All of their fine fabrics are milled in California, Canada or Japan. 

They offer irresistibly comfortable twill chinos, fleece hoodies + cotton tees for him. I may not be a him, but I love a loose, oversized t-shirt, so I'm placing my order. 

Years ago, before there were synthetic dyes {we're talking first millennium BC}, those imparting color on textiles turned to the earth's indigenous plant life for coveted hues. The fine folks at FT are returning to these, umm, roots and using natural plant pigments to tint their garments. 

Their blue + rust chinos are dyed using indigo, cutch bark + weld flowers. The shiitake color is created by repeatedly hand dipping each pair of pants in a natural dye bath that derives it’s color from ground chestnuts, fustic wood and iron oxide. 

The company is inspired by folk-based storytelling, and they strive to create garments that tell simple narratives using textiles and colors.

I love the story these garments in unique hues tell: an extraordinary story of quality + craftsmanship. Get some.

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