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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Eco-Friendly Fashion from Post Diem

The creators of the modern + minimalist eco fashion label Post Diem have redefined utilitarian garments. This line of casual cool sportswear marries sexy comfort with unexpected details that add polish + sheen. 

Post Diem translates from Latin to the day after. The name reflects a call for thinking about tomorrow, for what we need to preserve and perpetuate in the coming years. Made from organic or recycled jersey, all PD's products are made in France.

Founders Émilie and Jessica take their inspiration from their Mediterranean origins, spanning Italy, Corsica and Marseille, melting them together and taking advantage of the richness that exists at the crossroads of these enchanting cultures. 

The encounter with other worlds, whether material or spiritual, feeds their imagination, shared today through their collection of smart garments that transcend function + utility. If you're ready to be bewitched by clean lines + chic designs, click right on over here.

artwork by f+d {images via post diem}

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