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Monday, April 22, 2013

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Beauty is intricately interwoven with sustainability. Today and every day at finny + dill we're continuing on our journey to empower consumers {that's you!} to make informed shopping decisions and to offer the resources needed to live according to your values of compassion + wellness. 

Today's eco picks are light and bright and full of goodness for the earth and the artisan communities producing them. Take a gander:

1. Lulan was born of a love and respect for design and weaving traditions of Southeast Asia, and the desire to create thriving businesses for the weavers and their communities. Eve Blossom, a trained architect + designer, offers a fusion of contemporary design and ancient weaving techniques in every eco accessory + garment. Lulan offers extraordinary hand-woven textiles, apparel, and products for the home. Their weavers are master artisans from Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and India expertly using centuries-old techniques to create intricate hand-woven textiles.

2. Indego Africa is a design-driven social enterprise connecting African women artisans with global markets and education. I featured this amazing company here. In partnership with designer Jill Golden, these fair trade bracelets with hand woven beading embellishment are crafted by a partner cooperative Ejo Hazaza. Each Kigali bracelet is sold in a traditional Dutch Wax fabric pouch and is signed by the Artisan that wove it. Lots of good + plenty happening over at Indego Africa!

3. BeckSöndergaard is a Danish accessory brand with a focus on simplicity + unique prints. All designs are the product of hand-drawn prints by the designers + founders Lis Beck and Anna Søndergaard. Their cool collection of scarves is designed in Copenhagen and then hand printed in India by traditional dying/weaving techniques.

Stay tuned for the next eco boutique brimming with the best in sustainable style and an eco magazine you're sure to love!

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