{Indie Designer Crush} Kindah Khalidy Goes Bold

Monday, April 1, 2013

If you're not afraid of color, step right this way! This week's indie designer Kindah Khalidy is a California artist and textile designer who is hooked on hues. 

You know those fire jugglers who fearlessly hurl and catch projectiles set aflame? Well, I imagine Kindah is launching and propelling color on textiles in the same confident + courageous manner. 

Take a look at her fun shop {warning: If you like color + fresh, wearable art, you'll be a kid in a candy store at Kindah's site, so set aside a few good minutes for some quality time with her shop!}.

I know there's a method to every artist's madness, and I'm sure there is a balance of artistic creation with methodical and structured craftsmanship that goes into Kindah's make-me-smile, whimsical + quirky garments and accessories. But I still must ask: does Kindah have the coolest job ever or what? 

So are you a believer in color now? 

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