{Around the Globe} Edun: Out of the Dark, Into the Wild

Monday, May 6, 2013

Over the years, U2's Bono has used his incendiary influence to pursue his mission of alleviating poverty + promoting equality; in 2005 Bono together with his wife Ali Hewson founded EDUN, an ethical fashion label, as a vehicle to promote fair trade. EDUN is now a global fashion brand bringing about positive change through its trading relationship with Africa and it’s positioning as a creative force in contemporary fashion. 

This season there's olive aplenty in the brilliantly designed garments at EDUN. My go-to neutral + favorite layering color is drab olive. There's something utterly calming + comforting about this earthen hue for me. It's also a welcome departure from my somber uniform of ebony + ivory. Olive is a courteous color that seems to gladly receive any hue alongside it.

Perhaps olive, reminiscent of foliage, reflects the beauty of nature, and just the thought of nature makes me happy. Perhaps it conjures a safari jacket which in turn brings to mind adventures in exotic + far-flung locales: explorations under African skies {I have an active imagination indeed}. Or maybe it's because I really love snacking on olives.

Whatever the reason, the imaginative details + color combinations at EDUN are intriguing and the mission undeniably noble. EDUN is building long term, sustainable opportunities by supporting manufacturers, infrastructure and community building initiatives. 

EDUN actively works to increase trade with Africa and is aiming to produce 40% of its seasonal fashion collection in Africa by 2013. Currently EDUN has 8,500 farmers in northern Uganda supplying their cotton, and their goal is to have 10,000 in the upcoming season.  

EDUN is currently working in Kenya, Morocco, Madagascar, Uganda + Tunisia, and they hope to continue to grow awareness, jobs, and your closet with beautiful clothing. Oh, and if olive is too tame for your wardrobe, energize any ensemble with EDUN's intensely hued scarves or their fresh prints.

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