Monday, May 13, 2013

{ oh mabel }

Recently, I was out with a friend who is working overtime to green her diet, closet, beauty routine + home. She asked what I was doing to create an eco-friendly environ at home, and it prompted me to forgo my usual style posts to put together this week's clean + green home posts - all designed to help you replace products containing harmful toxins {seemingly benign everyday household items like bedding + commercial cleaning supplies} with healthy products filled with safe ingredients.

Today, we're putting fresh sheets on our beds with oh mabel's line of 100% GOTS-certified, organic bedding manufactured using environmental and social standards. oh mabel ensures that dyes used for printing are low-impact and fibre reactive. The linens are designed in Australia and manufactured in India by a family-oriented, women-operated enterprise. 

oh mabel's producers operate using Fair Labor standards such as SA8000 which defines acceptable work practices and minimum conditions and enforces that no forced or child labor is acceptable. Their happy sheets with rings of rosies and posies provide sweets reminders of spring + summer with pops of color and playful patterns.

Our friends at the Organic Consumers Association remind us that while we wouldn't expect to find pesticides in our toothpaste or linens, the vast majority of harmful pesticides have made it into everyday products, so stay tuned this week for more fun products to keep your home clean + green and you and your family healthy + happy. 

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