{Eco Blog of the Week} Oxfam: Demanding Justice, Dispensing Fashion

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Did you know Oxfam has a fashion blog and an online vintage charity shop? 'Tis true, and we'll be getting to that in a bit. This week's eco blog takes us all the way back to 1942, to a time when copious heroes were being cooked up across the United Kingdom.

I know, there weren't bloggers back in the days of yore, however there was a group of impassioned Oxford academics, Quakers + social activists galvanized to effect positive change. 

{a wee bit of history first}  
Oxfam, founded in Oxford in 1942, was originally known as the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief, and their mission was to persuade the British Government to allow food relief through the Allied blockade for the starving citizens of Axis occupation Greece.

Today Oxfam is an international relief and development organization working in 90 countries to create lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and injustice. Their work is guided by their Strategic Plan, Demanding Justice: their goals include gender justice + economic justice via sustainable livelihoods, long-term development programs + humanitarian aid.

{and now the fashion, boys and girls}
So here we are. Today Oxfam has a fashion blog and an online vintage shop with a seriously robust collection of rare finds. Where do I even start? But let me not use words, but rather, let's skip right on over to their cyber-racks of gorgeous dresses + skirts.

You can shop by decade {50's, 60's, 70's, 80's} or by apparel, accessories + home wares. If you sew, you'll love their selection of vintage patterns. The prices on all items are so budget-friendly, and every penny you spend helps to support Oxfam's wonderful work around the world. 

If you're life is complete sans the addition of apparel and you're home is complete with nary another tchotchke, then consider purchasing a gift in their eco-warrior shop or the oxfam unwrapped shop - buy books for schoolchildren, clean water for the thirsty + green energy for those without electricity.

Psst...did I mention they have antiquarian books? Be still my beating heart.
photomontage by f+d {images via vogue uk}

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