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Sunday, May 19, 2013

It occurred to me that while many consumers know and understand the importance of purchasing organic food, organic products - from socks to soaps and everything in between - are not always perceived as critical to our health, the health of our children + pets, and the health of our planet. 

It was only two short years ago that I came to fully comprehended the health risks linked to the ingredients contained in most commercial bath + body products, cleansers, clothing, and linens. Concurrently, I came to appreciate the health benefits of natural, organic textiles + household cleaners free of chemicals + synthetic ingredients. 

If you're reading this {even if we've never met, and you're galaxies away from Chicago}, I really want you to be healthy and to feel great. So, why organic? Read on!

The skin is our very own delicate packaging, protecting us from head to toe. Many of today’s beauty products are made up of varying mixtures of synthetically produced chemicals all of which vary in the their ability to penetrate the skin. Whilst some are absorbed in very small amounts, others can go deeper, reaching the blood vessels below the skin, carrying their toxic load around the body. Individual products looked at in isolation may only seem to contain tiny amounts, but it’s the cumulative effect of using an array of similar beauty products regularly, that causes concern. 

The last few years has certainly seen a growth in awareness. Links with serious health issues from cosmetic ingredients continue to be highlighted in the media, meaning many people are now making informed choices to opt for safer alternatives. In addition, once people start to see and feel the benefits, both internally and externally, of using organic skincare it is very difficult to return to products laden with harsh synthetic chemicals such as parabens and lauryl sulphates. Staying naturally gorgeous is just too gratifying!

Astonishingly many of these chemicals we mention here are also widely used in high strength household cleaners as well as skincare, so it’s probably no surprise to learn they will irritate even the most robust of skin types. Studies have shown they can cause drying; acne & premature aging, not to mention exacerbate certain skin conditions and allergies such as eczema and psoriasis. People who have suffered for many years with eczema, acne and other skin conditions have reported incredible results once they have eliminated the toxic load from their skin care routine and introduced kinder natural, purer alternatives.

Parents are also increasingly choosing organic products. Studies have shown that babies still in the developing stages are much more susceptible to the chemicals in non-organic products and also much more likely to develop allergic reactions or sensitive skin.

Over 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed by it. Unlike modern farming, organic farming does not deplete the soil of natural minerals meaning ingredients used in our skincare, haircare and beauty products are much more potent and pure. Organic farming methods avoid the use of unnecessary chemicals and pesticides that pollute the environment and our bodies. Organic and natural ingredients are much more effective than the chemical and synthetic counterparts found in mass market skin products. Natural ingredients work in harmony with your body, boosting skins natural regenerative capabilities, helping to nourish, soothe and heal.

{ from our friends at The Organic Store }

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