{Meet the Locals} Stock Mfg Co: The Boys Are Back In Town

Friday, May 3, 2013

Nothing captures my attention quite like a man in a pink polo. In John Knowle's A Separate Peace, Phineas the protagonist, is an indefatigable optimist + a magnetic personality, as well as a pink polo enthusiast. 

Now, the question remains: where would the fearless Finny, with his predilection toward punch-colored button-down shirts, scout a well-made pink polo today? Read on, my friends.

Stock Manufacturing Co. is a collaborative, crowd-funded men's clothing brand, producing all of their apparel + accessories in a Chicago manufacturing facility, and selling high-quality, domestic fashion direct to the consumer without traditional retail markups.

Areill Ives, Jim Snediker, Mike Morarity, Jason Morgan + Tim Tierney are the gentlemen behind the company and the precisely-tailored shirts, sharp ties + dapper accessories. The dexterous lads, who come from diverse backgrounds, all have this in common: they believe in promoting ethical and sustainable practices and they support independent designers and American-made goods.   

Tierney shared with Chicago Business that their goal was to make a totally vertical clothing label, and he estimates that in-house, start-to-finish production can reduce production costs by more than 50 percent. They've been creating jobs in the Windy City + bringing transparency to the fashion industry since 2012. 

Watch their feel-good video and meet some of the happy manufacturers constructing some sweet threads {like this 100% organic, pink button-down}. With small-batch runs, you want to be sure to move fast if you fall for a piece because these garments, including that pink pearl of a shirt, will go, ladies + gents!
Renaissance men, top l-r: Areill Ives, Jim Snediker, Mike Morarity, Jason Morgan + Tim Tierney
bottom: chicago manufacturing facility workers crafting quality garments
{images c/o allison williams + kendall karmanian}

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