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Monday, June 24, 2013

Last week we delved into the world of organic bath + beauty products, and this week we're back on schedule with lots of fun, ethical style picks. Each Monday I bring you an eco brand, and today I present a gem of a find.

Proud Mary is a socially conscious textile design company located in Charleston, South Carolina, owned and operated by Harper Poe. Proud Mary works with global textile artisans to create their line of "ethnic-modern" home decor, personal accessories, and wearables.

Who knows why we love the things we love? I love tassels. Can't get enough of 'em. Maybe I was an intriguing, if slightly garish curtain in another lifetime, bedecked in tiny tassels. Proud Mary has a slew of pretty picks {with tassels!} for home + wardrobe including these little lovelies {wrap up those earrings to go, my dears}, these raffia sandals that you must see to believe {all PM goods are handmade. how talented are these artisans? and they're selling like hotcakes, they're that cute}, and these oversized pillows {I do love polka dots; I can't wear them without feeling a bit like Minnie Mouse, but they make me happy on home textiles}.

from our friends at Proud Mary:
All of our fabrics are designed in house then produced in collaboration with textile artisans using traditional methods of weaving and printing. 

The products are then sewn by small sewing workshops using locally sourced materials as much as possible. Our artisans are paid a fair wage for their work and we are committed to establishing and maintaining a sustainable working relationship with them.

We are currently working in Mali, West Africa, Guatemala, Morocco, Peru, and Niger. Our artisan partners in Mali consist of two women's cooperatives; crochet and tie-dye artists and a men's social enterprise workshop that produces our mud cloth designs {see very cute + versatile tote bag above}. 

In Guatemala we work with 3 weaving groups and two sewing workshops. In Peru, a small weaving village in a rural mountain region weaves the fabric for our fringe totes. In Morocco, we're working with a raffia producer in the coastal town of Essaouira to make our raffia shoes. Finally, in Agadez, Niger a group of Tuareg weavers create our stunning baskets.

What I love about discovering a brand like Proud Mary is not only the final creative products, but learning of talents possessed by artisans worldwide and even the wee geography lesson that goes along with exposure to new lands via these wares {now I know where Essaouira is and Agadez as well!}. Get some of this stylish goodness from wonderful, exotic locales right on over here.  

artwork by f+d {photography by olivia rae james, sully sullivan + harper poe}

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