{Eco Beauty Pick} Alicia Silverstone for Juice Beauty

Monday, June 17, 2013

I remember reading that the authors of No More Dirty Looks, during an interview, were invited to drink sparkling water spritzed with hair products from the Intelligent Nutrients line founded by Horst M. Rechelbacher because it was so darn clean. The idea that there are products so truly innocuous you can snack on them is awe-inspiring.

All evidence points to a direct correlation between wellness + natural products, so this week we're unraveling the mystery of greening our beauty routine. Cosmetics, skincare + hair care products free of harsh chemicals, full of organic goodness + filled with animal-friendly ingredients? Right this way, please.

Finding the good stuff has been a fun + interesting journey so far. There were scuffles in the shower with new shampoos + bar soaps whereupon my hair turned to sticky rice + my skin transformed into an olive brown chalkboard, so dry it was, I could scratch my to-do list onto my arm. 

There were the cotton candy hair days, where my hair was an unrecognizable ball of fluff + disorder {trust me, new-found volume + wooly frizz is not a pretty combination}, and I was convinced my only option was to embrace my new do + declare beehives were making a comeback.

"It's the pH balance," said Natalia, the super friendly receptionist at the eco hair salon I recently discovered, when I shared the skincare scrapes + haircare high jinks I was experiencing.

"Oh!" I said, pretending I remembered what the Ph scale meant in terms of shiny locks + manageable tresses. I was having high school chemistry flashbacks, and I didn't like it.

And then it happened, just like a happy ending in a feel-good movie: after investigating bath + beauty products that were certified + bona fide {à la Oh Brother, Where Art Thou}, I finally found a lovely vegan set that meets sustainability standards, smells oh-so-good + works like a wonder: Juice Beauty Organics by Alicia Silverstone. The made-in-the-usa organic set includes the following: a chamomile cleanser | nourishing moisturizer | lip color | facial highlighter | pressed powder.

Now, there seems to be some online debate about whether these shades can work for all skin colors + types, and I admit I was really skeptical when I first opened the powder + lipstick and saw the hues {PTSD set in, when I couldn't find the right crayon in elementary school to draw likenesses of my family because I thought only Charlie Brown + his gang might match the "Peach" colored Crayola}. 

Well, this is it folks, a powder that shocked me when it evened out my face without a hint of cake-face {I've included a pic above with me wearing the makeup}, a truly great cleanser, along with a long-lasting, super-hydrating lotion with a sweet, aromatic scent. It takes a rare cleanser + moisturizer to keep my finicky flesh from breaking out, and this lotion worked like a charm.

Here's one tip: to avoid Farrah Fawcett frosted lips, I apply a clear lip balm first, then a dash of the Juice Beauty lipstick, then finally I add a slash of lip gloss because I like the slightest bit of shine on my lips. 

Now it's your turn! If you've tried it, I'd love to know your thoughts + if you haven't, then skip over here to see the goods. And if you're wondering, Why organic? Hop on over here to learn more.

On Wednesday we'll be meeting an amazing blogger who loves to share her passion for green beauty + healthy living! On Friday I'll take you to an amazing natural + organic skincare boutique and introduce you to my all-time favorite shampoo + conditioner.


  1. This is amazing Christina, I feel so honored to be quoted in your blog!
    Can't wait to hear about our Eco- Boutique! ;)

  2. Thanks for stopping by + reading, Nat! And thanks for your eco guidance! :)