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Saturday, June 22, 2013

W3LL PEOPLE According to W3LL People's website, their products are hippie tested + diva approved. While I may be a free spirit, I'm pretty sure I'm not a diva, and I am definitely someone who appreciates a soothing, hydrating lip gloss that's vegan and organic, so it's off to meet the wizards, the wonderful wizards of a good cause: W3LL PEOPLE is the brainchild of the dynamic trio comprised of a makeup guru: Shirley Pinkson, cosmetic dermatologist; Reneé Snyder, M.D.; and self-professed tree hugger, James Walker. The founders of WP fulfill orders {"and the occasional dream"} for their organic + socially-responsible cosmetics both online and via phone. Yep, give a jingle + you can actually speak to a real human being: a super friendly one. Soft, supple lips right this wayHandmade right here in the USA.

Josie Maran I don't wear a lot of makeup due to my sensitive skin, but facial oil has never incited a breakout on my face or body. While I had been using olive oil as a moisturizer on my face for ten years, I decided to try this organic, argan oil, lauded for its nutritive value + medicinal properties. Applying this oil is my favorite part of my beauty routine because my skin feels so completely hydrated, healed + soft. Josie Maran's Argan Oil is THE BEST product I've used on my face. Oh, and you can use it to treat split ends, as a body moisturizer and as a bath oil. A fine multitasker, indeed. One small bottle goes a long way.

DeVita Skincare Apparently I became attached rather quickly to DeVita's Perfecting Time Moisturizer without realizing it. I now know this because I misplaced the bottle just the other day and a mild state of hysteria ensued. I'd moved it from the washroom to my work desk so I could have it nearby, but I may have implied to my puppy that he was responsible {he has a habit of sitting at my feet whilst I primp + preen each morning, waiting for objects to drop so he can snatch them, run away + be chased, but I digress}. This aloe-based skincare line was developed by a woman who understands the plight of those with sensitive skin. Cherylanne DeVita's delicate surface prompted her to take matters into her own hands, and in 1998 she spearheaded her own company, bringing organic, vegan + paraben-free products to the market and into the medicine cabinets of women who want clean cosmetics + clear skin. These stellar products are carefully labeled vegan or vegetarian, so there's no detective work involved. Bonus: I use the Perfecting Time Moisturizer to hydrate extra dry patches on my face and to remove eye makeup. Works like a charm! I use their Absolute Bronzer as a blusher, and it is the most natural hue I've found on the market for my olive-toned skin. BTW: When Cherylanne takes off her green-cosmetics cape, she serves on the Board of Alice Cooper's Solid Rock Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of teens through performing arts. Yes, boys + girls, Dr. DeVita is taking care of business.

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