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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This week we meet the fashionable folks at Eco Fashion Friday. Are you ready for a challenge? Here's a fun one, I promise.

To get us thinking about what eco fashion is, Eco Fashion Friday has set a series of 10 weekly challenges in which their team of eco-conscious fashion enthusiasts post pictures of the sustainable apparel they and you wear on the EFF site. They also provide bits + bites of news on all that's happening in the world of eco fashion. 

So instead of just reading about all the good, green clothing choices being made each week by others, you're encouraged to assemble a do-good, look-good ensemble yourself and send it their way. It's a fun, interactive experience! 

They want to get as many people as possible thinking about eco fashion each Friday – to partake, simply get gussied up in your fave thrift store find, vintage baubles or ethical wares, then take a picture of your sartorial masterpiece and share it with your friends + the EFF family using the hashtag #ecofashionfriday. 

Want to play? Check out the "rules" below, and when you get to no.8* feel free to replace with a locally-sourced or indie garment or accessory from your neck of the woods! Okay, now go get some eco clothes on!

1) Wear something from your wardrobe you don’t normally wear – so old it’s new!
2) Wear something second-hand or vintage
3) Wear something with a story
4) Wear something organic or from a new fibre such as soy bean or nettle 
5) Wear something by a small local designer
6) Wear something repurposed/upcycled or customized – by yourself or someone else
7) Wear something fair trade
8) Wear something British made*
9) Wear something that you or someone you know has made
10) Wear your favourite item of clothing which matches any of these challenges

They have a slew of sweet + simple posts that you'll love. Oh, and by the way, once the challenge is over, you go right back to Start and begin the game anew. Have fun + think green!

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