{Eco Blogger of the Week} Kate of Living Pretty, Naturally

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I've found some of my favorite bloggers happily + unexpectedly on Pinterest. This was the case when I bumped into a pin by Kate of Living Pretty, Naturally. 

A visit to Kate's natural beauty blog reveals a lovely space with soothing colors, easy-to-read posts and lots of great organic + vegan beauty products that she meticulously researches, reviews + introduces to her readers from her homestead in the great Kingdom of Norway. 

Kate's site includes natural beauty product discussions, nutritious recipes, tips on staying in shape with yoga + wellness acts {what exactly is a wellness act?! you'll have to hop on over to her site to find out}, healthy home product recommendations and nuggets on how to travel while packing safe, good-for-you cosmetics, skincare + haircare products.

While Kate's philosophy on bath + beauty products mirrors my own {furry friends stay safe sans animal testing, people friends stay healthy with good products}, it's really her cheery disposition which comes through each and every time I visit her blog that makes me appreciate her posts. Oh, and as a self-professed early bird, I have finally found someone who relishes the morning hours as much as I do. So, tarry not, head on over for some stay-healthy + happy tips!

Bonus points for truly helpful Pinterest boards which include Wellness Reads + Wellness Warrior {who knew strawberries were a teeth whitener?}. Are you ready? Lots of good info coming your way! 

Below are a few of my powder room faves thanks to Kate's guidance. I admit, I was a bit dubious about the Konjac Sponge, which I'd spotted at my local natural grocery shop; I'd held the unfamiliar object in my hands, read the label through squinted eyes, then placed it carefully back onto the shelf until I read Kate's rec. What a truly great facial sponge. Kate recommended, Christina approved!

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  1. Sweet Christina, you made my heart smile for miles. Thank you so much for this sweet post. I just randomly came across it today. Love your blog, you have a reader here. Will be back soon! xx - Kate (from LPN)