{Indie Designer Crush} Chiaozza: Out of the Ordinary Objects

Friday, June 7, 2013

Continuing on with my new-found zeal for all things wood, today I introduce Chiaozza, pronounced CHOW-zah, like "wowza!" - a veritable workshop producing out of the ordinary timbered treasures.

Chiaozza is a small design studio based in Brooklyn, NY, designing and making playful objects for everyday life. Terri Chiao + Adam Frezza are the dynamic duo dedicated to producing their work by hand, in small editions, and locally within New York State.

The whimsical wooden shelves are made using traditional Japanese woodworking hand saws to cut the shapes and joints, which are then sanded and painted. They arrive at their geometric conclusions by assembling pieces using simple wooden lap joints and no glue.  

Shapes take on a curious visual language of their own; if these A-Frames alone don't wet your appetite for objects that meet at the intersection of highly functional + wonderfully artistic, then check out the pair's interdisciplinary art practice. This is Terri + Adam's safe place for unleashing all the creativity that brews + stews within the minds of each prolific artist. 

I love their nature paintings + I'm kind of obsessed with their paper plant project {I love plants, but ever since the death of my beloved pineapple mint plant + two succulents which were supposed to be impervious to the fate that I've dealt them, I've been contemplating something less, er, alive. But I digress}.

Another point for Team Wood: Terri + Adam have a guest room, A Cabin in a Loft in Brooklyn, dedicated to providing inspiring and affordable lodging for a global creative community. So, if you're an artist and you're traveling to yonder parts of the US, then dial yourself a charming cabin in the Brooklyn hood. Now, go explore some polygonal shelves!

artwork by f+d {images via chiaozza}

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