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Monday, June 3, 2013

Today, I come bearing gifts of wood. Ahoy, where are all the sustainable style posts usually found here at finny+dill? Next week there will be ethical apparel aplenty!

Okay, boys + girls with big, green hearts, I was so excited to bring glad tidings of this Chicago warehouse retailer of salvaged wood + building materials, I couldn't wait to share. Who knew scads of wood could be so much fun?

I mentioned previously that moving into a new home and creating a clean, green environment means a dizzying number of decisions. I've been on the prowl for some affordable bookshelves, and all I could find were the same wobbly, faux wood bookcases I had just donated. 

I wanted something with personality, full of character but not full on price. I wasn't sure where to start. A search for antique/vintage wood pieces on Craigslist yielded some rather strange options {if you're in the market for a rare, vintage Howdy Doody lamp, act now} as well as a happy, unexpected turn of events.  

I clicked on over to a link that looked promising, and I bumped right into Rebuilding Exchange. Rebuilding Exchange is a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping reusable building materials out of landfills. 

They resell items such as doors, windows, lumber, lighting, cabinets, appliances and hardware at 1740 West Webster Avenue, in Chicago {and there's plenty o' parking in their lot}. 

Proceeds from the sale of materials support educational and outreach efforts to reduce Chicago's waste stream, train people with barriers to employment and reduce our carbon footprint. 

If you are an artiste, RX offers a vast selection of inexpensive art materials. Check out their warehouse and feel your artistic inspiration soar. They even have a FREE wood bin, which is available to all types of artists, like me! 

Good to know: When I called to find out about prices, Keith, the super friendly + knowledgeable manager began speaking a foreign language known as Timber Talk, using words like old growth and 2x4 {I admit, I didn't exactly know what a 2x4 was, gulp, and I had to look it up}. Keith had piles of patience and walked me through the many lumber options to build my new bookshelves. 

I'll be heading back there with my best friend who has major shelf envy. And I'll be putting on my carpenter's hat {who knew I had one?} + building a desk for my room. Happy wood hunting at RX, my woodworking friends.
oh, the furniture we shall build!
get it at rebuilding exchange in chicago

{images by f+d}

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