{Want Not, Waste Not}

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What would our trash disclose about us? This may sound strange, but I spend a lot of time thinking about trash. Not merely because I often wonder if anyone ever pokes around in it, which come to find out, they have been* - but for two really good reasons: 

1} Having worked with indigent children + families for a number of years, I came to understand that one man's trash is indeed another man's treasure. After college graduation I ended up with four toasters {these weren't graduation gifts}. Don't ask me how. But I knew there were plenty of places in Chicago that would gladly accept my odd + random donation. If you don't fit into those old clothes or if you have one too many spatulas, odds are there are others who will happily put them to use.

2} I often think about the impact of the waste from my household on nature, because I'm really drawn to the great outdoors. Also, because one of my best college pals nearly had a heart attack the first time she saw me manhandle my recyclables. I mean, it was Recycling 101 for me at the time {now I know not all plastics are created equal + there are numbers assigned to differentiate between plastics. I also know that the Garbage Gods frown upon spaghetti-encrusted wares. Now I wash before I toss.}. 

Here's a great Tedx Talks video featuring Elise Zelechowski, founder of Rebuilding Exchange {where my passion for woodworking was ignited!}; so grab some popcorn + sit awhile: take some time {18 minutes} to reflect on the many ways we can impact our planet positively. 

{here are three easy ways to clean up starting now}
1. carry a reusable water bottle: just say no to bottled water
2. bring your own tote bag when you're running errands + shopping for groceries
3. donate clothing + household items that are no longer being used

One of my favorite places to donate to {and shop at} in Chicago is The Brown Elephant. You can drop off gently used {pre-loved} items to their donation bins or they'll come by your pad to pick up items as well. Click on over for more information. Here's a handy list from Real Simple on where to recycle everything from crayons to computers.

*This New York Times article reveals exactly who's been digging through our trash + why.

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