{Eco Boutique of the Week} Eco Market: Mother Nature's Sons

Friday, July 12, 2013

This week, we've traveled across the great pond to explore all things ethical + stylish in England. Today's eco boutique has been described by Tree Hugger as the "Etsy for Eco."

When I heard of the online retailer Eco Market my first question was: Do they carry fair fashion? Indeed, they do. Fashion, food, home décor, pet products, stationery, baby goods, they've left no eco stone unturned. 

Co-founders Liam Patterson and Jason Dainter are the masterminds behind Eco Market. Their aim is to create a platform for the same self-starting business owners and spirited entrepreneurs you might find at your local farmers market. Today, the marketplace features thousands of natural products from 1,300 sellers.

According to Patterson, "People looking to buy eco-friendly and natural products are often just as interested in the stories behind the products. Who made it? What from and why?"

'Tis true. Shoppers want to make informed purchasing decisions, and Eco Market has laid out the information of each label right there at our fingertips. You can search by category + cause: organic or fair trade among others. 

I discovered some lovely vegan footwear labels as well as extraordinary jewelry that is carefully crafted by artisans from all around our great globe {note: not all vendors ship to the US, so be sure to check before falling in love with, oh say, a stack of colorful Maasai bangles handmade in Kenya...sigh}. 

Their product images spill forth on their webpages à la Tumblr: a dearth of options they have not. They do have a mountain of organic, layering staples and well-tailored button-downs that I'd love to pair with boyfriend jeans and my favorite heels for a boy-meets-girl ensemble. I'm always on the lookout for fun, graphic tees, so I had fun sifting and discovering treasures like this loose Pájaro de Fuego tank + this offbeat kimono tee. 

With an amazing assortment of products and an active + engaged blogging community, I'm sure Eco Market will continue to grow and attract conscientious consumers from near and far. Head on over for some good, green fun at Eco Market.

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