{Summer Must Haves} Eco Alternatives for the Beach

Monday, July 22, 2013

It's my favorite time of the year here in Chicago! Lots of sunshine pouring down + just as much rain has made for a downright tropical summer. We've had one fine day after another as well as lots of humidity, and with that the mosquitoes, flies + ticks have arrived. Here's a roundup of go-to summer products that I love with no dubious chemicals, questionable preservatives or cancer-causing ingredients that will help keep bugs at bay + help you stay fresh all day.

1. I carry gum with me at all times. It's one of my quirks: I feel incomplete without a pack in my purse. Recently when my puppy got into my purse, he tore through my pack of aspartame-laden gum; he chewed each + every piece and spit them all out {aspartame is a synthetic sweetener that's been linked to many diseases}. His mischief galvanized my search for clean gum. Pür Gum is naturally colored + flavored, vegan-friendly, free of genetically modified organisms {gmo} and gluten-free. It is sweetened with xylitol, a naturally-occurring sugar alcohol found in fruits + veggies like corn, raspberries + plums: it's a healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners like aspartame. PG is made in Switzerland. Find it at Karyn's Raw Cafe on Halsted or online at Vegan Essentials.

GLEE Gum is the first fair trade gum and an aspartame-free gum, but it is not a vegan option as it contains beeswax + resinous glaze {a resin harvested from the secretions of the lac beetle}. Sugar-free GLEE contains no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives and is corn-free. While GLEE is a chewing gum made from sustainably harvested chicle, perhaps the good folks at GLEE will take the road less traveled and go vegan: then, they just may have the most perfect gum on their hands.

2. If I was limited to only 2 powder room products per day starting this very second, Meow Meow Tweet's safe + highly effective deodorant cream would be the first I choose. It's simple, aluminum-free recipe includes organic coconut oil {it smells so good} and anti-fungal baking soda which absorbs moisture + inhibits bacteria {this means you stay dry + smell fresh on the most sultry of days}. It's been a steamy summer here in Chicago + high temps call for a max-strength deodorant so this cream has been the stuff of dreams. Made in Brooklyn, NY. Visit Meow Meow Tweet's apothecary of organic goodness here.

3. The pungent odor of bug spray is intertwined to memories of hiking with my father as a child. One whiff and I'm in a happy place. Or perhaps it's all those chemicals that were going straight to my head that put me in an altered state of mind. DEET is a man-made chemical {originally developed as a pesticide used during WWII} found in most insect repellents, so I set out to find a natual alternative. Meow Meow Tweet insect repellent uses plant-based essential oils, lavender water, witch hazel distillate + apple cider vinegar to stave off those pesky critters. Head over to Intelligent Nutrients for a repellent serum which, according to their site, attracts love bites + repels bug bites {how cute is the packaging on their bottle?}. If you're a DIY kind of gal or guy, then blogger Colleen Ludovice of Inspired to Share shares a homemade recipe which includes 3 simple ingredients: distilled H2O, witch hazel + essential oils.

4. The Fanciful Fox has made a lip balm that I can't leave home without. These moisturizing vegan lip salves are made from fair trade + organic cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado butter + natural flavors like peppermint + peanut butter. Yum. They're long-lasting + won't leave a waxy residue. Made in Pennsylvania. Find it right on over here or order it from the fine folks at Vegan Cuts.

5. Proud Mary Beach Towels are truly stunning. These beautiful, handmade towels reflect the colors of the Mediterranean coastline where they are ethically made under fair labor standards by artisans in Morocco. Vibrant hues mirror the saturated blues of the North African skies and striking red pigments echo the tapestries found in the Marrakesh Market. Check them out here and here

6. Mar Y Sol partners with artisans in Madagascar to preserve their traditional craft of weaving + to create beautiful accessories like these sweet sunhats. The sale of each product enables families to gain economic independence and promotes environmental conservation by using responsibly sourced raw materials. Hand made hats right this way

And now that you know what to pack for the beach, we'll take a peek at the perfect totes to take along to the beach in our next post.

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