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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

There's a running joke in my home that if I have a grievance about something, well, someone somewhere is getting a letter. The same is true if I think someone deserves recognition for a job well-done. I'm penning a note, putting a stamp on it, and hopefully somewhere an unsuspecting lad or lass is getting unexpected praise or perhaps even a small raise. 

In a way, my Wednesday Blogger of the Week posts are open letters of appreciation for the talent + creativity, humor + passion shared by fine folks all across the web.

I'm a pretty fortunate gal; I've got comical girlfriends, a waggish grandmother, a very witty roommate, oh and there's Darcel. To this list, I'm adding the sardonic + self-aware Samantha Jordan of London. I bumped into Samantha's site How to Survive Humans and Earth on the web whilst researching all things vegan: this is the post that captured my attention, then I careened into this pistol of a post.

Here's what's on the HTSHAE menu: refreshingly honest slice-of-life posts peppered with humor, vegan recipes with "verdicts," and a dip into the world of vegan fashion. She also divulges the following about her background, "How to Survive Humans and Earth is the blog child of Samantha Jordan: Butcher’s Granddaughter, Slaughterhouse Daughter, Bashful Vegan. There’s no meat this girl ain’t seen. Who said vegans and meat eaters gotta have ‘beef’ with each other? Not She!!!!"

Her Instagram page {humanoidtowers} is chock full of clever and droll one-liners + hashtags, so head on over that way if you need a good laugh or a good recipe. Okay, now check out her blog, hilarity ensues just over yonder. 

All this talk of tomfoolery reminds me that I've been meaning to write a letter to David Sedaris. Years ago, I was experiencing a case of the blues when I first picked up his book Me Talk Pretty One Day. I read the entire book in one night, and I laughed until my blues were just a distant memory; when I was done, I read it again. I think it's high time someone gets a letter.

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