{Eco Blogger/Mag of the Week} Julie Gueraseva: The Peaceful Warrior

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

You know those stories that are so good you just can't put them down at night? LAIKA Magazine is a new quarterly vegan lifestyle magazine that you won't be able to tear yourself away from.  

Julie Gueraseva is LAIKA's founder and creative director, and she is bringing compassion to our doorsteps via her coverage of the best and most innovative in food, style, travel, art and activism. 

With clever design details, lush photography, stories that stir you to action and of course, a few kind-fashion editorials, this is a magazine that's at once seminal in the world of publishing and impactful in the world of animal rights.

Julie shared these wise words during an interview with vegansaurus:
I want to see animal liberation happen in my lifetime. And if not within my lifetime, then at least see definitive indications that it is in active progress. This magazine is my way of contributing to the movement, utilizing everything I have learned and all of my skills to their maximum capacity in advocating for animal liberation. I can be frank here: this magazine is a very strategic tactic. Of course, it goes without saying that I wanted to express my creativity and give other talented people an opportunity to do the same. Of course, I want to offer readers compelling, engaging and imaginative subject matter. But the real mission of this magazine is to spread compassion. And the strategy is basically carrying out this mission via a creative, dynamic format. I believe in a diversity of tactics. And this magazine is just one tactic. We all gotta get our hammers out and start hammering away at monolithic decaying status quos in any way we can, until they crumble.

I'm looking forward to seeing what LAIKA Magazine has in store for future issues. There's a whole world of goodness to cover, and a lot of work to be done in opening minds and hearts. It sounds like Julie and her band of multi-talented contributors are just the right fearless leaders for the job.

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