{Meet the Locals} Organic by John Patrick: Leader of the Pack

Monday, August 5, 2013

Last month I was at Ikram with a friend, scouting a printed pencil skirt by one of my favorite eco designers {btw, if you haven't been to Ikram's cafe, run don't walk for the best farm-to-table smoothie in town}. 

During our lunch, my friend asked with genuine regard and curiosity why I was so interested in wearing the clothes that I wrote about. At the time, I offered an answer that was inarticulate, clumsy at best; but the truth is, I simply want to lead by example. 

Growing up, owning fewer well-made + responsibly-crafted items was neither an inconvenience nor a compromise in our home. I do believe that less is more, and I am aware that products I purchase today can and do create change for people + planet.

John Patrick has been leading my example since 2003, when he launched his eponymous fashion label. The textiles Patrick was using were considered novel + unconventional, but he was dogged in his determination to employ natural fibers and to protect and support producers. 

Today, his fusion of organic, recycled + sustainable materials is considered virtuous and integral to a movement that is revolutionizing the way people do business. "For me, the research that goes into the fabrics is just as important as the silhouettes themselves," he stated in an interview about his latest collection for Organic by John Patrick.

After a trip to Peru to visit a cotton farm in 2003, Patrick became aware of the conditions plaguing workers who handled the chemically-treated cottons used to create textiles for the fashion industry.

Farmers related stories of malaise and ill health, symptoms which ceased to exist when toxic pesticides and chemicals were eliminated from use. He committed himself then to the use of organic + eco-friendly fibers and to building a business that was conscious of both the creator and the consumer.

John Patrick's goal today remains as it was in the beginning: to make sensible garments that are beautiful + affordable, ethical + transparent. He continues to use his designs as a powerful tool in bringing change to the lives of farmers and fashionistas alike. Step right this way for mindful wares.

{artwork by f+d} image by mimi ritzen crawford/courtesy of organic by john patrick

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