{Meet the Locals} Upton's Breakroom: It's All Vegan + All Good

Monday, August 26, 2013

Today, I digress from the world of slow fashion to bring you cheese. That's right, vegan cheese and a mustachioed man {in the form of a quaint logo, not Tom Selleck}. 

A food critic I am not, but I know a good sandwich when I taste one, so let's talk cholesterol-free, low-fat + vegan pastrami. Are you ready, food lovers?

This weekend, my best friend and I had the opportunity to dine at Upton's Breakroom in Chicago, and I am impressed! If you haven't been, let's make it happen people!

I haven't had mac + cheese for a very long time. As a vegan, I'm not someone that craves cheese at all, but as someone with limited cooking skills, I crave convenience.

Today we can all get easy, breezy and nutritious, delicious meals right here in Chicago: tasty, flavorful and healthy foods that completely satisfy. 

Okay, here's what I ordered: the fried bacon mac, mashed potatoes + gravy, Italian sandwich, and a scone. And I ordered a BLT to go. I also some of my best friend's pastrami sandwich. I'm a hardy eater, yes I am {I thank the good Lord every day for my supersonic metabolism because I eat like a billy goat}.

I did not try the double chocolate lavender cookie that my friend ordered, because it was there one second and gone the next {he seemed genuinely confused as to the whereabouts of this cookie, but we've ascertained he did indeed ingest it at lightning speed}. The verdict? So very good. The fresh bread baked on the premises, the tangy sauces, the tender seitan: it was a culinary success.

Oh, and the waitstaff? Informed, courteous, affable. See the young lady in the top image? Someone give that gal a raise or at least add a tip jar to the counter.

By the way, guess who's been craving vegan cheese lately? 

Head on over for a dose of deliciousness. You'll be happy you did! They're open Monday through Sunday at 2054 W Grand Avenue between Damen Avenue + Hoyne Avenue {Ukranian Village}. If you're not in town, hop on over to their website to find out where to buy their goods.

{images/artwork by f+d}

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