{101 Ways to Recyle a Cardboard Box}

Saturday, August 10, 2013

This morning I ran across this little fellow while out walking my pup, Electron. No bigger than a ping pong ball, he had seemingly fallen out of his nest - which could be seen in the tree directly overhead. 

He was shaking and squawking, waddling aimlessly across a neighbor's driveway; he encountered an acorn, didn't think to circumnavigate the plum-sized obstacle, attempted to hurdle it, but tumbled over on his side instead. I went home and enlisted the help of my roommate to reunite him with his family {the bird, not my roomie}. 

Luckily, I still had a bantam box from an order I'd placed online back in February, sent via airmail from Best Made Co. which uses natural packing materials in place of plastic wrapping. We lay the small carton in his path, he waddled right into it, then we hoisted it onto a low tree branch where he quieted and sat placidly taking in his surroundings. 

The box became the perfect temporary home + mock nest for this tiny feathered friend. Ironically, I wrote about Best Made yesterday. A funny coincidence, indeed. 

by the way, no birds were touched in the making of this post. oh, and while yes, I am obsessed with recycling, I am only listing one way to recycle a cardboard box, but I'm sure there are millions. feel free to get creative and list a few in the comments section below.

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