{day of the dead) pamela love's papel picado ring

Friday, November 1, 2013

november 1 is world vegan day, which marks the beginning of world vegan month. well, la-di-da!
here's a little info that i scooped up from around the net {read good ol' wiki}. 

the day was established in 1994 by louise wallis, former president + chair of the vegan society uk to commemorate its 50th anniversary. yessiree, an entire society of fine folks across the pond have been tending to the planet, people + animals since 1944.

today animal lovers + activists join together for meetups, informative events, and soirees brimming with nutritious + delicious food.

in an interview with animal rights zone, louise wallis stated: "we knew the society had been founded in november 1944, but didn’t know the exact date, so i [chose] the 1st of november. partly because i liked the idea of this date coinciding with samhain/halloween and the day of the dead - traditional times for feasting and celebration. both apt and auspicious." well, there you have it.

if you're not familiar with the work of american jewelry designer pamela love, well welcome to the world of laid-back cool + boho chic. love designed this limited edition dia de los muertos single finger ring featuring an intricate mayan-style sugar skull design engraved in antiqued bronze or silver. inspired by the papel picado tradition of elaborate paper-cutting seen in popular mexican folk art. made in the usa of bronze or silver, find this pamela love day of the dead ring at bona drag

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