{eco find of the week} amourt vert x goop = perfect tee

Saturday, February 1, 2014

it's been a good week here in chicago: temperatures are no longer in the negatives, the sun finally showed his handsome face, and then this little miracle of a tee landed in my inbox. so relaxed and so cool. this is the kind of tee that can get along with any and every item in your closet!

it's no secret that i love a well-made, slouchy t-shirt. they fit right in with my boy-meets-girl style aesthetic, they're casually sexy, they're easy to style in a million different ways. wear them out for a night on the town with your best baubles, wear them under a blazer to work, wear them to a fundraiser with tuxedo pants and there you have it. life is so uncomplicated with tees in your life. 

this beaut is the result of a collaboration between one of my fave style icons {ms. gwyneth paltrow, multitasker extraordinaire + lovely overachiever} and one of my fave eco-fashion labels {amour vert, made in the usa, organic goods right this way}.

now, before you gasp and ask why $85? remember our golden rule, friends: buy less, buy better. as in better quality. this will not disintegrate in the wash; you'll hang on to it for a good, long while {this is good news since it's a classic little piece} and it's made by a san francisco-based company that treats its workers with dignity + respect, so no one will be harmed in the making of this garment.*

you can find it at ms. paltrow's site goop, along with travel tips, recipes, style guidance and some seriously stellar direction regarding health + nutrition, love + relationships {friendly note to eco-lovin' friends: gp is not vegan. side note: a friend gifted me with her recipe book it's all good and there are some mighty fine vegan recipes included in it and on her website}. now head on over for some slouchy goodness
{image via goop}

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