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Monday, February 3, 2014

'tis true that i wax enthusiastic about all things eco-fashion here at finny+dill, but today, we veer off into the wonderful world of fine art. enjoy. 

while composing an article for laika magazine, i had the pleasure of meeting the deft, discerning + plant-powered photographer behind cats like scotch. ladies + gentlemen, let me introduce you to the talented miss clemens, a young linda mccartney on the rise.

b. clemens of cats like scotch photography is a natural-born storyteller, and she employs a slightly idiosyncratic means of poetic expression to narrate events and experiences. gently tugging scenes of americana into our orbit, clemens uses film photography to create exquisitely sensitive images centered on the lives of common people and everyday circumstances.

while she knows her way around a digital camera {her freelance work includes food + product photography and music photography} clemens prefers film, recognizing the virtue of imperfection and the value of grit in her exploration of small town america and the teachings contained in the littlest moments everywhere.

clemens offers insight to her artistic medium of choice, "i'm often asked why i chose film and i don't have an exact answer. i suppose what i really love is the anticipation that is only available with film cameras. there's a pleasure in the process - from framing to focusing, shooting and hoping, and finally developing and discovering whether or not there's a single usable shot on any given roll. it's a daily lesson in patience and precision and one that i quite enjoy."

in describing the work of acclaimed american photographer william eggleston, eudora welty stated, "the extraordinary, compelling, honest, beautiful and unsparing photographs all have to do with the quality of our lives in the ongoing world: they succeed in showing us the grain of the present, like the cross-section of a tree. [no] subject is fuller of implications than the mundane world!" 

gazing upon clemens' work, i can't help but feel i've entered into a dream state, there's a peace + warmth to her images: each picture possessing a soothing, hypnotic quality. through her lens the ordinary crackles with life and the pedestrian becomes at once captivating + entrancing. 

clemens previously worked as touring photographer with crooked creek studios, snapping shots of musicians and febrile fans. her music photography oeuvre includes celebrated musicians the giving tree band, edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros, as well as swooning fans aplenty. want to work with cats? find her here.
{images by cats like scotch}

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