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Monday, March 31, 2014

it's been a long, dark winter here in the windy city. histrionics? i think not. it's been a frigid one, my friends. and with this weather comes very dry skin: my parched skin is doing things i did not know were possible and my hair is begging for mercy from the artificial heat at home + work. so this week i'm showcasing some of my favorite eco, come-to-the-rescue skincare products.

i am absolutely over the moon for s.w. basics, an all-natural, sustainable skincare line handmade in brooklyn, new york with locally-sourced, vegan ingredients and lots of love. forget for a moment the clean, clever cover of the book; i mean, we love great design, but really it's the list of 3-5 oh-so effective + simple ingredients listed on the front of every product package that are so pure + good for you, you could eat them, but try not to.

so let us talk about one of my new all-time favorite products: s.w. basics body oil, a magic elixir with 3 ingredients {grapeseed oil, avocado oil, and sesame oil} and many incredible uses. i mean, this product really does it all:

{body oil / for the bod}
s.w.'s body oil truly conditions the skin. right after i shower, i put this oil on my legs, arms and body {when my skin is super absorbent}; it's not too heavy and not too light: it is just right, and it adds a little shine to my legs {this is me dreaming + wishing for skirt weather} and it smells delightful!

{body oil / for the face}
the body oil also works as a gentle facial moisturizer, nourishing + revitalizing. as someone with touchy skin, i have not a single breakout to report. the founder of s.w. basics, adina grigore, tells us on her site that she too has very delicate skin, which makes us sensitive-skin, sustainable-lovin' soul sisters. for her phenomenal products, i thank the lovely miss grigore!

{body oil / as hair serum}
my hair has been depleted of all moisture after this winter; frankly, it's as if a tumbleweed landed on my head. when i ran out of my usual hair serum, i had to become a bit resourceful, so i used the body oil once again. and i tell you here and now, it is a perfect hair serum. light + smooth, the end result was silky soft hair with a healthy shine. ta da!

{lips / for your kisser}
the lip balms are meant for your kisser, and that's exactly what i use them for. 4 vegan lip balms in delicious flavors; they defend against dryness and seal lips with moisture. i have these on me at all times: purse, desk, coat pocket, medicine cabinet. 

{cream / for your gams}
this non-comedogenic cream {don't worry about pores clogging} is a truly luxurious moisturizer: a skin quencher indeed. it's thick + rich, hence i like to use it on my hands + i also take my sweet time lathering my legs with it. i love to treat myself to some me-time on weekends with this fun, lil product. expect a noticeable difference in the texture of your skin. goodbye rough, rugged skin. hello elasticity!

there are all sorts of remarkable eco goodies over at s.w.basics. hop on over for some eco goodness!

{image by f+d}

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