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Friday, January 30, 2015

"from coffee and electronics to apparel and footwear, most of the products we enjoy and use every day are made by men and women in factories and on farms around the world. these workers harvest the cotton used to make our shirts, sew buttons and zippers onto our jackets, grow the cocoa our children drink, and make high-tech soles for our running shoes. unfortunately, many of them work in deplorable conditions." fair labor association

rocking the fast fashion boat, fair trade design company proud mary is headed by the world-wandering, hardworking miss harper poe {a kindred nomadic soul}. miss poe has combined unswerving focus with a seemingly chimeric plan to promote economic growth in developing countries while bringing conscious consumers a delightful miscellany of handcrafted accessories and home goods.

proud mary's products are constructed by artisans in south america + africa who might otherwise be unable to make a visible income due to lack of access to market. weavers and crafters receive fair wages and hone their skills in safe working milieus. each hand made item combines beauty, innovation and sustainable practices to striking effect.

my everyday handbag is a little like those russian nesting dolls: inside you'll find smaller pouches, all dedicated to organizing my life. as an artist and amateur photographer, i'm always carrying oodles of supplies and equipment, not to mention my knicks and knacks and snacks, so i have a lot of love for little zip pouches and petite clutches.

i have a fave clutch that journeys with me wherever i go, for all of my travel adventures both near and far: this brocaded navajo clutch is one of proud mary's spirited designs.
the decadent texture of the artisan textiles married to the imaginative detail of miss poe's designs {think vivid pops of color, oversized tassels + colorful pompoms} yield graphic handbags, shawls and pillows.

up next for miss poe: proud mary will be unveiling a line of smart-casual apparel {this eco fashionista is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the no-fuss, easy breezy designs}.

find it here or hop on over to online ethical goods retailer lydali for more options.

 {images by f+d}

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