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Friday, February 6, 2015

years ago i watched elle mcpherson unveil her line of intimates for women on tv. the popular talk show host asked her, "why lingerie?" and elle answered confidently that a woman need not wear lingerie to impress a partner, but rather to embrace her own sensuality, sexuality + femininity.

i'm a gal who is deeply passionate about pretty underthings {for some it's shoes, for me it's knickers} and eco attire. i value and shop companies with a commitment to social responsibility. i love natural fabrics that are compatible with human rights and the health of makers + buyers, because frankly, boys + girls, agrochemicals {aka cancer-causing agents} in our underoos is not what the doctor ordered.   

organic cotton protects the farmers and workers who would otherwise come into contact with harmful pesticides, fungicides and insecticides used when conventional cotton is cultivated, processed + transformed. and let us not forget about that little thing we call earth, she benefits from crop rotation + soil defoliation versus a monocrop culture; and she also reaps benefits from the use of low-impact pigments sans heavy metals eliminates air + waterway pollution.

slow fashion retailer, ethica, has compiled the definitive list of organic unmentionables, listing nine companies with beautifully ascetic designs, because these folks know eco fashion. from our friends at ethica:

Beyond Valentine’s Day: 9 Sustainable Lingerie Brands You'll Want to Wear Year-Round Corsetry, garters and mesh? Not this year. It’s time to give your underwear drawer a makeunder instead, with a focus on better-for-you, back-to-basics styles. From bra-and-panty sets in stark white to sporty tape bras paired with high-waisted briefs, the intimates we’re loving right now are luxuriously comfortable and beautifully minimalist–in other words, fit for real-world, everyday wear. Even better, these collections are made from natural and organic materials, meaning fewer pesticides and chemicals coming into contact with some of your body's most sensitive spots.

learn more about the positive impact organic agriculture is having on farmers at sustainable cotton or at textile exchange. are you all done reading? now go get some sweet, sustainable knickers

if you're a maker interested in getting your own paws on some of the good stuff {organic textiles} take a look here

{image via ethica}

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